Geocaching Travel Bugs

Do you want a Geocaching Travel Bug? You can buy a Groundspeak Travel Bug or you can get a Geocaching Travel Bug and some other geocaching goodies from Cache At Night.
travel bug with copy

Not sure what a geocaching travel bug is? A Travel Bug is a dog tag with a unique tracking number. When purchased Travel Bugs come in pairs with a unique code. You keep one of the tags for your records and release the other. Travel bugs get attached to many different things. Some even get converted into tattoos!

What are Travel Bugs For?

Travel Bugs get attached to items so they can be tracked on Travel Bugs aren’t like swag in that you don’t need to have one to swap one. Travel Bugs want to travel so help them along by moving them from cache to cache. When you log a goecache you should also log that you picked up or dropped off a Travel Bug. Travel Bugs are only trackable on .   Over time the owner of the Travel Bug and see the distance it has traveled.

I’ve found a Travel Bug how do I log it?

Travel Bugs need to get logged shortly after picking them up so that other geocachers don’t go looking for it. Use the form below to enter the tracking number for the Travel Bug you found. If the search for your travel bug comes up empty then the Travel Bug is either not activated yet, which happens, or it is not an official Travel Bug.


Add a Travel Bug to your Traveler

To buy your own Travel Bug, visit Cache at Night for all your geocaching supplies.

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Locked Travel Bug

chris-mouse travel bug

Success! The travel bug inside.

It’s not all that easy to log this trackable.   In simple terms the global positioning system works by triangulating your position on the globe using a minimum of three satellites.   If you want to log this unique travel bug you use a similar concept to triangulate a specific location that unlocks the the case containing this travel bug.

The creator of this discoverable travel bug, chris-mouse,  has built a lock box that opens based on a set of coordinates he configures in advance.  To start “locating” the correct coordinates you must press a button to see your current distance from the target open zone.  That catch is you can only press the button 10 times.   Within those ten presses you need to figure out by triangulation the location of the the open-zone.

Due to the time, effort and expense of creating such a device it only makes appearances at events where it can be monitored.  This is a truly unique trackable.

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